In November, 2011, Ohio EPA announced implementation of a new environmental stewardship program for businesses called the Environmental Excellence Program (“E3”).  Ohio EPA is seeking companies that have, through innovation and efficiency, improved Ohio’s environment.  Three levels of recognition are provided under this program:

Bronze:  recognizes entities completing environmentally beneficial activities through a certificate issued by the Director of Ohio EPA, and a logo that can be displayed by the business.Silver: recognizes companies with a good compliance record and have completed environmental stewardship activities.  In addition to the Bronze benefits, Ohio EPA shall issue a news release, invite the company to an awards ceremony, and possibly include a site visit by the Director of Ohio EPA.

Gold: recognizes businesses that exceed regulatory compliance obligations and commit to long-term strategies to reduce waste, lower emissions, and improve environmental performance.  Gold award recipients have annual meetings with the Director of Ohio EPA, and have the opportunity to work with the agency on expedited permit review, reporting flexibility, and reduced inspections.

Details concerning the awards program can be found here.