The European Commission has issued fines totalling €32,755,500 to several international removal services companies based in Belgium for engaging in cartel activities contrary to Article 81(1) EC Treaty. From October 1984 to September 2003, Allied Arthur Pierre, Compas, Coppens, Gosselin, Interdean, Mozer, Putters, Team Relocations, Transworld and Ziegler engaged in price fixing, market sharing and bid rigging. The effect of the cartel was that for 19 years consumers paid artificially high prices for international removal services to and from Belgium. The total amount of fines reflects the duration and seriousness of the offence. However, Allied Arthur Pierre’s fine was halved on account of its cooperation with the Commission’s investigation under the Commission’s leniency policy although its former parent company Exel’s fine was unaffected as it could have applied for leniency and did not. Exceptionally, the Commission reduced the fine on Interdean by 70 per cent to take into account its financial situation.