Enterprise Bill enters committee stage: BIS Secretary of State Sajid Javid spoke to launch the Enterprise Bill into its committee phase in the Commons. The Bill will be scrutinised by the Public Bills Committee that is requesting input. The committee phase has an ambitious time scale with completion by 25 February planned.  Announcement of intention to include amendments on devolution of Sunday trading hours to Local Authorities have received support from the Local Government Association (LGA) and strong criticism from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS). 

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Response to air quality plan: DEFRA has published the Government response to its recent consultation on reducing nitrous oxide levels View >

EU Digital Single Market consultation outcome: EU Dg Growth have published the results of the consultation and next steps. View >

Call for free Food Hygiene Rating revisits: The Association of Convenience stores has called for request revisits to review rating scores to be free for small businesses. View >

Future of ‘ethical regulation’: The BIS Better Regulation Delivery Office has published a paper by Professor Chris Hodges recommending high level principles supported by industry codes to support ethical regulation.  View >

Concerns over Apprenticeship Levy: The Scottish Government has highlighted concerns apparently shared across the devolved administrations about UK Government Apprenticeship Levy policy. View >

Setting record straight on money laundering: The Association of British Bookmakers has responded to media reports linking gambling to money laundering.View >