The new procurement thresholds, effective from 1 January 2014 for two years, have just been published. For a helpful table please click here

The new thresholds are in fact lower in sterling than they were before.  This is because of the conversion rates.

The new values will be:

  • the Works threshold, currently £4,348,350, will become £4,322,012 (Euros 5,186,00).
  • the Supplies/Services threshold for non-central government bodies (ie. other contracting authorities) currently £173,934 will become £172,514 (Euros 207,000).
  • the Supplies/Services threshold for central government and other bodies listed in Schedule 1 of the Regulations, which is currently £113,057 will become £111,676 (Euros 134,000).
  • the Utilities Contracts threshold for Works is the same as the Works threshold.  However the Utilities Supply/Services threshold which is currently £347,868 becomes £345,028 (Euros 414,000). 
  • The Defence and Security Public Contracts thresholds are the same as the Utility Contracts thresholds.
  • The threshold for "Small Lots" (where aggregation is not necessary) for any contract for Works becomes £869,670 (Euros 1,000,000).  For Supplies/Services the threshold becomes £66,672 (Euros 80,000).