Amendment to TV Regs: Cancon decreases to 55% May 3

Commission denies application to add FUEL TV to eligible satellite list. Two strong dissents by Commissioners Denton and Morin: rethink the Broadcasting Act and stop enforcing “genre protection”. May 3  

CRTC requires Bell TV and Shaw Direct to carry more TV stations. Update to Commission’s satellite distribution policy means Bell and Shaw will carry all local stations supported by the LPIF (Bell by August 31, 2012, Shaw by January 1, 2013). May 5

CRTC decides NOT to amend regulations re. "false or misleading news". In response to “freedom of expression” concern by Parliamentary Standing Joint Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations, Commission proposes regulatory amendment re: false/misleading news.3,642 interventions oppose change, eight support change, CRTC decides regs are fine as they are, thanks very much. May 11

Newsflash(!) CRTC finds that radio stations are supporting new Canadian artists. CRTC adopts definition of “new Canadian artist” proposed by CAB and ADISQ, finds that no new regulations are required at this time since these artists are receiving adequate airtime. May 12  

FYI: Routine apps processed by streamlined procedures. May 20  

Revised approach for Radio non‐compliance with Act, regs, and COLs. An important read: see in particular CRTC approach to sanctions, importance of complete annual returns. May 26