The National House-Building Council has announced that a new online Buildmark system is being developed, which is expected to go live this quarter. This system will provide instant Buildmark cover information and access to all the associated documentation online and will allow conveyancers to easily and quickly complete the Buildmark acceptance process.

The intention is that conveyancers will be able to:

  • check whether a property is covered by the Buildmark warranty prior to exchange.
  • following completion, complete the acceptance form online to trigger the issue of the insurance certificate.
  • download all of the NHBC documentation relevant to the property.

Further benefits will be:

  • no paper acceptance packs to store or send reducing unnecessary paper and preventing loss of hardcopy documents.
  • easy to obtain, check and print warranty information.
  • all plot and site changes will be updated by NHBC onto the system keeping everyone up to date instantly with any amendments.

The system should dramatically speed up the process of the issue of cover notes and streamline the administration of Buildmark cover for all parties involved in the purchase and sale of newbuild properties.