A: With the UK’s impending exit from the EU, relationships with non-EU trade partners will become ever more important in the post-Brexit era. The UK will be looking to strengthen its trading ties, so new trade agreements will also need to be concluded. These trade negotiations will offer an opportunity for trade partners to demand that the UK ease visa restrictions as part of any deal to be negotiated. Recently both Australia and India have indicated that they expect visa rules and restrictions to be part of the discussion in exchange for any post-Brexit fee trade deal. During a recent British trade visit to India, a senior Indian official said: “Mobility issues are of importance to us; we cannot separate free movement of people from the free flow of goods, services and investments”. It is clear that if the UK wants greater trade, it is likely that it will have to either relax the current restrictive visa regime or look to create sector specific visa categories. Perhaps the UK will also have to create a list of nations where visa applications are treated on an expedited or more favourable basis, based on the reciprocal agreements it has in place with its trade partners. So, Britain’s exit from the EU may in fact mean that business people looking to travel and work in the UK may find it easier than under the existing regime. However, no one can be sure. The UK government has still not offered any clear guidance, both in relation to the UK’s future relationship with the EU or with those countries outside the EU.