Recent data released by the Office of Personnel Management indicates that federal employees are spending more hours in "official time" attending to union representational business instead of regularly assigned work. According to Bloomberg BNA, an October 2014 OPM report showed that official time for union activities leaped from about 2.9 million hours in fiscal year 2008 to about 3.4 million hours – representing $157.2 million – in fiscal year 2012. The OPM report notes purported successes of agencies that have established labor-management forums under an Executive Order of President Obama, and noted that past reports have focused on the cost of official time without addressing the benefits that could be achieved through successful labor relations. The report comes after several Republican congressmen in early 2014 pressured the OPM to issue the 2012 report by April 18. The Representatives may have believed that the OPM was deliberately delaying the report due to the potential political impact of data showing more government spending for less work.