In City of Edinburgh Council v Dickson, the EAT has held that an employer's rejection of a disability-related explanation for an act of misconduct did not in itself amount to disability discrimination. Mr Dickson was a sufferer of type-1 diabetes and, following allegations that he had been viewing pornographic material on his work computer, claimed that his behaviour was attributable to him being hypoglycaemic at the time, due to mis-prescribed medication. His employer rejected this explanation and dismissed him. The EAT held that the rejection of Mr Dickson’s disability-related explanation for his misconduct did not mean that the dismissal was on the grounds of his disability. Mr Dickson’s diabetes did not influence the employer’s decision to dismiss him at all. His claim for disability discrimination therefore failed. The EAT did, however, find that Mr Dickson's dismissal had been unfair and upheld an order for his reinstatement.