Managers of Russian bank involved in Bribery

Two managers of Russian bank, Rosbank, a subsidiary of Société Générale, are accused of commercial bribery. According to the investigation, the bank's President Vladimir Golubkov, acting through the Senior Vice President Tamara Polyanitsina, demanded over $1m from the bank's client for extending the term of a facility and decreasing the interest rate. The majority of this amount was received during 2012‒2013. While receiving the last instalment, the managers were arrested by the police officers.

Both are now under house arrest. They are charged with commercial bribery under Article 204(3) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The mangers face a possible 7 years' imprisonment with a maximum fine of $40m. The investigation is still ongoing.

Vice President of Siberian Chemical Factory Accused of Bribery

Investigators have charged the former Vice President of Siberian Chemical Factory OJSC, Yury Kungurov, with bribery. The company is one of the numerous subsidiaries of the state corporation Rosatom (the regulatory body of the Russian nuclear industry).

These criminal proceedings comprise six episodes connected with multi-million coal sales contracts. According to the investigation, the accused, together with other corporate managers, arranged for this contract in exchange for periodical kick-backs. They amounted to about $650,000. Russia's Criminal Code provides for 12 years' imprisonment for bribery committed by the executive officer of a company in collusion with other persons.