In the last two weeks, the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee has held two hearings on S.B. 34, which Sen. Kris Jordan (R-Ostrander) introduced in February 2013 to repeal the requirement that electric distribution utilities and electric services companies provide 25 percent of their retail power supplies from advanced and renewable energy resources by 2025. On Wednesday, January 22, witness testified in opposition to wind power development, according to the Gongwer Ohio Report. Residents expressed frustration over the lawsuits and "devastated social relationships" that have occurred as a result of wind power development in rural communities. Kevon Martis, director of the Interstate Informed Citizen's Coalition, said that the renewable energy requirement was established before Ohio's shale boom drove down the price of natural gas, and that combined cycle gas generators could have generated 750 megawatts using the $750 million spent on wind development in Ohio, compared to wind development's 84 megawatts.

During the bill's third hearing on Wednesday, January 29, additional witnesses testified in support of repealing the requirement, generally touting other technologies that they regard as smarter investments. Paul Morrow of the Freedom Institute of Erie County disputed evidence supporting global warming, arguing that renewable energy mandates "impede market investment in other technologies, like energy from thorium and molten salts reactors and new coal technology," the article said. Witness who testified on Wednesday, January 22:

  • Gary Biglin, Shelby Resident
  • Terrilee Doenges, Auglaize Neighbors United
  • Julia Johnson, Urbana Resident
  • Kevon Martis, Interstate Informed Citizen's Coalition
  • Ed Rogers, Hardin County resident
  • Diana Sheperd, Harden County resident

Witness who testified on Wednesday, January 29:

  • Jon Paul Morrow, Freedom Institute of Erie County
  • William Thesling, Energy From Thorium Foundation
  • Milo Schaffner, Hoaglin Township trustee