The Quebec Minister of Finance and Revenue recently announced that the new Quebec Business Corporations Act (“QBCA”) and the new Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises (“LPA”) will both come into force on February 14, 2011. As per our last article, the QBCA replaces Parts I (except as it applies to non-profit companies incorporated under Part II) and IA of the former Québec Companies Act, which was last revised in 1981. The new law includes measures to improve the protection of minority shareholders, as well as more flexible rules intended to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, and offers the possibility to take advantage of new technology to simplify certain procedures, such as allowing absentee voting at shareholder meetings. We remind you that companies incorporated under Part IA of the Québec Companies Act will be automatically renewed under the new regime; however those incorporated under Part I must be continued by or before February 14, 2016, failing which they will be automatically dissolved. The LPA consolidates into a single law the Act respecting the legal publicity of sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal persons and the Act on the Registrar of Companies, and introduces new rules to facilitate electronic transmission of documents to the Registrar of Companies with new online services (e.g., allowing a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship to register and make updates and changes as needed online). However, Québec practitioners continue to await the release of an omnibus set of amendments to the QBCA anticipated to be brought before Québec National Assembly later this month.