ESMA has published an opinion on draft ITS on the technical means for appropriate public disclosure of inside information and for delaying the public disclosure of inside information required under MAR which responds to a letter from the EC on required public disclosure of inside information in which the EC requested amendments as it considered that ESMA was imposing an undue double disclosure of inside information on those emission allowance market participants (EAMPs) that would be subject to disclosure requirements under both MAR and REMIT.  ESMA states that it disagrees with the EC and does does not intend to propose a revised draft ITS to take account of the Commission's amendments, arguing  that the EC’s amendments would remove two essential features of the system, these being (i) the active dissemination of inside information and; (ii) the marking of that information as inside information under MAR, which would damage the disclosure regime under MAR and expose investors in emission allowances and financial instruments related to them to more risks.