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At a recent webinar for Bloomberg BNA, Manatt Health revealed the areas of the ACA that are fueling litigation, the implications of decisions already handed down, and the potentially game-changing cases to watch in 2016. If you or anyone on your team missed this important session—or want to view it again—click here to access it free on demand. To download a free PDF of the presentation for your continued reference, click here.

The webinar takes a detailed look at ACA implementation and the lawsuits that it's driving. During the program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Get an update on the ACA today, with a progress report on key facets of the law.
  • Identify the issues arising out of ACA implementation that are driving litigation.
  • Gain insights into rulings, cases and implications in four ACA-related litigation areas:
    • 1. Exchanges
    • 2. Employer/employee challenges
    • 3. Medicaid
    • 4. Privacy and security