Watch our quick 1-minute video where Stuart Barr, HighQ's Chief Strategy Officer, addresses the pros and cons of best-of-breed point solutions vs one seamless platform.

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The question of best-of-breed point solutions vs one integrated platform is one of the oldest and most important questions that IT decision makers need to consider.

Point solutions are single function tools, they are focused on delivering a best-of-breed solution to a specific problem.

They may offer you the functionality you need for that specific requirement but they are yet another tool to implement, maintain and integrate. This can potentially restrict the flow of data, hinder process optimisation and create silos.

When you have multiple point solutions, they are harder to manage, administer and are generally more difficult to use due to the multiple user interfaces and context switching users need to manage.

Cloud computing has made it financially and operationally appealing for companies to move from specialist point solutions to comprehensive, integrated, SaaS platforms without compromising on features or performance.

At HighQ we have created one seamless collaboration platform that combines all of the core features and functionality you would find in multiple best-of-breed point solutions including secure file sharing, document management, project management, social collaboration and business process optimisation into one integrated platform.

You really can have your cake and eat it!