What is the change? According to Israeli press reports, the Ministry of Interior is planning several changes to improve and speed work-permit processing for foreign workers in the high-tech industry.

What does the change mean? Among the changes, a streamlined online application process will be introduced for high-tech companies that are preapproved by the Innovation Authority. Additionally, the ministry will ease other rules for the high-tech sector, such as allowing work authorization for domestic partners of high-tech experts and allowing up to 500 foreign students to work without meeting prevailing-wage requirements.

  • Implementation time frame: 2018.
  • Visas/permits affected: B-1 visas.
  • Who is affected: High-tech foreign workers, domestic partners and foreign students in Israel.
  • Impact on processing times: Companies preapproved by the Innovation Authority will be able to obtain expedited processing of work permits within days.
  • Business impact: The streamlined processing and easing of work authorization rules for partners and students are intended to boost Israel’s high-tech industry.

BAL Analysis: The steps are positive developments for high-tech companies in Israel.