Secretary of State, Alan Johnson, announced on 17 June 2008 that he has appointed Professor Mike Richards, the National Clinical Director for Cancer, to review government policy with respect to the co-funding of drugs and treatment. Hitherto, the guidance has been that co-funding is not possible because NHS treatment is to be free at the point of need. With the recent death of Linda O'Boyle, who fought for the right to receive top up NHS treatment alongside her privately funded cancer medicine, the press campaign to push for a revision of the policy, that many condemn as unfair has taken on a new lease of life. At present, the decision to purchase top-up drugs privately transfers the entirety of a patient's treatment onto private funding, including that which they had been receiving free on the NHS. Debate in the House of Commons, however, highlighted that the policy is not completely consistently applied across the NHS, which permits co-funding in dentistry, for example. Professor Richards is expected to report in October 2008.