Dr Mala Sidebottom talks about a recent catch-up she had with a former client

The mother of a former client of mine recently invited me to have tea with them at their home, to catch up and show me how some of the compensation from their legal battle has been spent.

Her child has cerebral palsy as a result of the mismanagement of his mother’s labour and his birth.  Two years ago he received compensation for his injuries following a legal case I had taken up on their behalf.  They have used part of this compensation to pay for accommodation, care, aids and appliances.

It was particularly wonderful to see the property that had been purchased for him and his family.  

The most impressive room was his bedroom, which had ample room to allow one of his parents to attend to him during the night, as well as all the necessary storage space for equipment such as nappies and syringes and, of course, toys and clothes.

His ensuite bathroom allows for a rising bath and portable changing table.

Night carers are being sourced through a private agency which the compensation ensures he can afford.

There is a large cupboard upstairs allowing for storage of all of the things that his parents need to bulk buy for him.

A lift allows him to move from the ground floor to his bedroom on the first floor, and there is hoisting throughout the house.

There is an enormous supportive armchair and the garden has a platform lift to allow him to access it fully.  An adapted car has also been purchased out of the compensation payment.  A large part of the compensation package I obtained for him consists of annual payments to cover his care and other needs for the rest of his life.

It was lovely to see him looking so relaxed in his new home and refreshed from his recent family holiday and it reminded me of the importance of the job we do to ensure that those suffering injury through no fault of their own are cared for and allowed to live as good a quality of life as we can provide for them.