Almost a dozen years ago, Benesch developed a formal client assessment program. Firm leadership believes this program is essential to our success in servicing our clients. The program includes a visit by the Chairman of the Firm or a member of the Executive Committee and the Director of Client Service. The client’s relationship partner helps to prepare for the assessment, but is not part of the meeting. This is so a client can talk openly about his/her experience with an attorney and his/her team The majority of the assessments are done face-to-face, but there are times when a telephone assessment is conducted. 

The main purpose for these assessments is to find out, how are we doing? What can we be doing better? Is there anything that other providers are doing that you want us to be doing? And the ultimate question, would you refer us to another potential client? 

We’ve conducted approximately 300 of these assessments and have always found valuable information to not only continue to provide high quality service, but to hear the voice of our client and understand their challenges so that we can provide counsel and solutions.