On 7 November 2007, the Minister for Competitiveness announced that the implementation of certain provisions of the Companies Act 2006 previously timetabled for commencement on 1 October 2008, would now be postponed until 1 October 2009. The Minister indicated that postponement was necessary because the Registrar of Companies was not confident that the required changes to their systems and processes could be completed by the 1 October 2008 deadline.

However, in recognition of the fact that some of the changes previously due to be commenced on 1 October 2008 will not necessitate changes to Companies House systems and processes, the Government intends to consult key stakeholders about the possibility of bringing such provisions into force in October 2008 as previously planned (such provisions include the new rules on directors' conflicts of interest and the removal of the financial assistance prohibition for private companies).

A further statement setting out the final commencement timetable is expected in December 2007.