National Casualty Company (“NCC”) filed a complaint in federal court against several of its reinsureds (collectively, “MMO”) alleging that, under the treaties, MMO’s demand for arbitration was ineffective to commence arbitration. Specifically, NCC claimed the demand for arbitration was not properly served and did not identify the dispute with sufficient particularity. Further detail regarding this dispute is set forth in the Complaint and in the memoranda in support of and in opposition to MMO’s Motion to Stay or Dismiss, Compel Arbitration and Appoint an Arbitrator.

When the arbitrators appointed by the parties failed to agree on a third arbitrator, the court held a telephone conference with the parties. The court then stated its preference that, pursuant to the parties’ agreements, the previously selected arbitrators choose a third arbitrator by December 23, 2008, failing which the court would appoint a third arbitrator, giving consideration to the names submitted by the parties. Finally, the district court ordered the action dismissed with prejudice. National Casualty Co. v. Mutual Marine Office, Inc., Case No. 08-8062 (USDC S.D.N.Y. Dec. 11, 2008).