On the AGCOM official website a new communication regarding the start of preliminary proceedings has recently been published pursuant to the Regulation on the protection of copyright on electronic communications networks, which came into force on 31 March 2014. The proceedings were filed by SKY Italia against Now Video based on an alleged infringement of the TV Series Gomorra’s copyrights, owned and produced by SKY Italia.

In the examined case, the object of the violation is not, like in the previous cases, the torrent files through which users can download copyright infringing content (we wrote about this here); this time the case involves the direct streaming of the content.

The proceedings are still in their first stage, beginning with the above mentioned communication that is directed to the claimant, to the website manager and uploader, and to the different Service Providers involved (hosting and access providers). To be more precise, AGCOM has already identified some of the subjects involved: Now Video is a company based in the Seychelles, who is the domain holder and allegedly the website manager; servers and hosting services are instead related to a company based in Zurich.

The proceedings filed by SKY must be terminated, at the latest, by 5 September.