The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has released its draft food inspection model. The draft inspection model is of interest to all organizations that manufacture, import or export food in Canada. In particular, CFIA is seeking comments on the following portions of the draft inspection model:

  1. Single licensing and registration requirement for manufacturers, importers and exporters;
  2. consistency of oversight and inspection across all regulated foods;
  3. adaptation of inspections according to the size and complexity of the business; and
  4. increased communication with consumers about compliance and enforcement activities.

Canada currently has eight different food inspection programs: dairy, egg, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, imported and manufactured food, maple, meat, and processed products (including honey). The purpose of the draft food inspection model is to standardize these different programs. According to CFIA, the draft food inspection model will move Canada to a more preventive, systems-based approach to managing food safety risks, consistent with food safety trends in other countries.

CFIA will accept comments on the draft until October 31, 2012.