The summary of NLRB decisions for the week of May 16 – 20 is now available.

Summarized Board Decisions

The Board affirmed the Administrative Law Judge’s findings that the Respondent violated Section 8(a)(1) by threatening, preparing written documentation against, and eventually discharging an employee because he engaged in protected concerted activity when he joined other employees in raising the issue of a wage increase. The Board rejected the Respondent’s exceptions which challenged the judge’s conclusions that the threat, written documentation, and discharge were unlawful. The Board found that, shortly after the employee spoke about a wage increase, the Respondent threatened him when a supervisor stated that the employee’s hours could be reduced and the supervisor could have him replaced. The Board also found that the Respondent provided pretextual reasons for the written documentation and the discharge, and that it was not able to show that it would have taken the same action absent the employee’s protected concerted activity. Charges filed by an individual. Administrative Law Judge Robert A. Giannasi issued his decision on April 15, 2015. Chairman Pearce and Members Miscimarra and Hirozawa participated.

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