In In re MFW Shareholder Litig., 67 A.3d 496 (Del. Ch. 2013) (No. 6566), the Delaware Court of Chancery held that the business judgment rule applies to a going-private merger conditioned on approval by both an independent committee and an informed majority-of-the-minority vote. The court reasoned that “[t]hese protections are . . . incomplete and not substitutes, but are complementary and effective in tandem.” Granting summary judgment in favor of defendants, the court concluded that “that when a controlling stockholder merger has, from the time of the controller’s first overture, been subject to (i) negotiation and approval by a special committee of independent directors fully empowered to say no, and (ii) approval by an uncoerced, fully informed vote of a majority of the minority investors, the business judgment rule standard of review applies.”