In a signal of its intent to bring about long overdue reform of anti-bribery and corruption laws in Ireland, the Government's Autumn Legislative Programme lists the Criminal Justice (Corruption) Bill for priority publication.

The general scheme of the Criminal Justice (Corruption) Bill was first published by the last Government in 2012 but its progress through the Oireachtas stalled.

While the final form of this Bill has yet to be confirmed, on the basis of the general scheme, the legislation is likely to have significant and far reaching implications for both doing business in Ireland and Irish businesses doing business abroad. If enacted, Irish citizens doing business abroad will be liable for prosecution for acts carried out abroad that fall foul of the legislation.

The legislation is intended to bring Ireland into line with international best standards in the area of combating bribery and corruption (both domestically and internationally) and has been broadly welcomed by Transparency International and the OECD.

A more detailed update will follow on the publication of the Bill.