In 2016, the SIPO received totally 3,465,000 applications for three kinds of patents, making an increase of 23.8% year on year. The number for invention, utility model and design are respectively 1,339,000 (increase by 21.5%), 1,476,000(increase by 30.9%) and 650,000(increase by 14.2%).The patent examination pendency maintained steady in 2016. The pendency for invention is 22 months, and for utility model and design is 3 months.

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In 2016, the inventions statistics reveal the following four features:

1) the number of domestic ownership of inventions in China exceeded 1 million, which made China the third country in the world with the number of domestic ownership of inventions exceeding 1 million, following the U.S. and Japan;

2) The creation of inventions in China improved both in terms of quantity and quality.

The percentage of domestic applications for inventions among all types of patent applications remained at 40% in 2016, with the enterprises’ applications and authorization of inventions reaching over 60%;

3) Compared with other countries, there still exists disparities between the patent layouts in some fields such as optics, engines, transport, semiconductor, audio-visual technology, medical technology.

4) The tendency of Chinese applicants applying for patents overseas is growing rapidly. SIPO accepted 42,000 PCT patent applications in 2016, representing a year-on-year increase of 47.3%.