ICANN has not started the new year off with a bang, delegating a mere four new gTLDs this January and only 11 in total since our last gTLD update. Those newly delegated gTLDs are:

  • .fit
  • .lat
  • .kddi
  • .bank
  • .shriram
  • .zuerich
  • .flowers
  • .ggee
  • .sale
  • .amerstadam
  • .video

Similarly, there are only a small number of gTLDs about to enter or in the sunrise phase this month.

These gTLDs are on the horizon:

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And these are in sunrise now:

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New gTLDs are still selling

Since our last gTLD update, nearly half a million second-level domains have been purchased within new gTLDs at an average of 7,000 purchased per day. There has been movement across the leaderboards in 2015.

In the top 10 of gTLD registrations, .网址 (website) jumped to number 2 following .xyz, which has remained constant at number 1; .wang (net) jumped .realtor to the number 5 ranking; .guru, .nyc and .ovh have held onto their spots; and .london was replaced on the list with .link.

The top 10 gTLDs in terms of number of domain registrations:

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In the top 10 fastest growing gTLD leaderboard, .wang made the chart at number 1; .link jumped three spots to number 7; .xyz, .club and .website fell one spot to numbers 2, 3 and 4 respectively; .moscow, .ren and .paris were replaced on the list by .wang (net), .red and .click.

Top 10 fastest growing gTLDs:

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