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Two years ago we caught Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s Dear Dork Leader sending Candy Crush invites to his Facebook friends (all three of them) using a 21.5 aluminum unibody iMac. It seems that Apple’s most notorious fanboi has now added a MacBook Pro to his collection of Apple devices. James Pearson, a Reuters correspondent covering North and South Korea, captured a shot of the overstuffed dictator with his trendy laptop and shared the photo via his Twitter account in the tweet embedded above.

A MacBook Pro is classified as ECCN 5A992.c and can’t be shipped to North Korea without a BIS export license, a license we can all safely assume that was not granted given BIS’s general policy of denial for these items, as set forth in EAR § 742.19(b)(vii).  Once again, we can see how easy it is for U.S. items to be diverted to places and people where they are not supposed to go.  Whatever Kim Jong Un wants, Kim Jong Un gets. And little Mac, Kim Jong Un wants you!