On 12 February 2015, Christopher Smith (the former Chairman) and Nicholas Smith (the former Sales and Marketing Director) were sentenced following  their  convictions  in  respect  of offences of corruptly agreeing to  make  payments  contrary  to  section 1(1)  Prevention  of  Corruption  Act  1906.  Agents  acting  for  the  company in Kenya and Mauritania had given promises to make corrupt payments to government officials for the award of contracts  in  those  countries  on behalf of  the  Company.  Messrs  Smith  received  periods  of  imprisonment (suspended in respect of Christopher Smith) and were disqualified as company directors for six years. The Company which (in December 2014) was convicted of three counts  of  the  same  offences  awaits  sentencing. This is the first conviction of a corporate defendant secured by  the Serious Fraud Office in relation to foreign bribery by a company.