During January, FSA made five instruments. It made changes to the rules on short-selling and compensation limits of building societies before its usual board meeting and we reported on these in previous FReDs. At its normal monthly meeting, it made some minor changes:  

  • the Handbook Administration (No 12) Instrument 2009: this takes effect from 6 February and makes minor changes to FIT, COBS, MCOB, CASS, MAR, SUP, DEPP and COMP;  
  • the Professional Indemnity Insurance (Limited of Indemnity) Instrument 2009: this amends IPRU(INV) and MIPRU from 1 March and adjusts PII indemnity limits in line with the European Index of Consumer Prices; and  
  • the COLL (Electronic Communications) Instrument: this amends the Glossary and COLL from 6 February and remakes FSA's Rules reflecting changes to the law on investors' ability to use electronic communications in their dealings. FSA had previously made rules to enable this, but revoked them when the legal changes were delayed. It has now remade its rules, which will come into force on 6 February provided the relevant statutory instruments do. FSA will also issue an updated COLLG at the end of the month.