But what is the ‘usual price’: ASA Rulings this week have generated additional complexity around making price comparisons with a traders previous prices. The old certainty of price establishment for 28 days in the previous six months and the higher price being the last price charged, has been abandoned in favour of broader examination of the price at which the product has been sold. Argos ruling > Victoria Plum ruling > 

The ASA has also held, following a complaint by Sainsbury’s, that Tesco didn’t make the conditions of its never undersold brand price match sufficiently clear. View >

CMA publish business guidance: The Competition and Markets Authority has published detailed guidance on: Deposits, advance payments and cancellation charges:  

View > View > Online reviews and endorsements: View > 

How clear are your terms and conditions?: BIS has launched a call for evidence on clarity of terms and conditions. It is proposed that a power for CMA and Local Authorities to issue civil penalties for contravention of the Consumer Protection Regulations will be introduced. 

Closing date responses: 26 April.  View >

Post-harvest treatments must be declared: The European Court of Justice has ruled against the Spanish Government which was objecting to a requirement in an EU marketing standard for citrus produce labels to declare post-harvest treatments. View >

Employer vicariously liable for racist behaviour of employee: The Supreme Court has ruled that Morrison’s is vicariously liable for the racist abuse of a customer by one of its employees. View >

Government pushes for £10Bn of deregulatory savings: BIS have announced the introduction of a 'one in-three out' requirement to be met by Government departments seeking to introduce new regulations, and has also announced that the Cabinet Office is to undertake a Cutting Red Tape review of Local Authority regulation. View > Sajid Javid >  BCC > CBI >

Scotland to explore fortification: The Scottish Government has requested Food Standards Scotland to consider and report on the merits of fortification of flour with folic acid. View >

EU Technical regulation:

  • Phase out of organic pollutant HBCDD. 2016/293 >
  • Extends MRL for veterinary medicine gentamicin to all animal species. 2016/305 > 
  • Sets maximum levels for DEGEE in cosmetic products. 2016/314 >