A psychiatrist who entered into a sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient, continued with the intimate and exploitative relationship after inadequately discharging her from his care, and interfered with the legal process by attempting to influence and procure the withdrawal of HDC complaints, has had his registration cancelled by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal. The Tribunal noted that: "this seriousness of the matter is such that penalties short of cancellation would not sufficiently address patient safety concerns".

Given the conflicts in evidence, the Tribunal was required to assess issues of credibility.  Following its review of the evidence, which included an intimate video recording, the Tribunal was satisfied that the complainant's account was "entirely accurate in all its essential features" and was "driven to conclude that [the psychiatrist and his wife] have decided not to tell the truth in an attempt to avoid serious professional consequences".  In addition to ordering the cancellation of registration, the Tribunal censured the psychiatrist and ordered him to pay $73,000 in costs.  The Tribunal supressed the names of the psychiatrist's children and the first name of his wife, noting that it was the psychiatrist's accountability that was the subject of the proceeding, and not his family.  Dr Maharajh 571/Med13/243D and 581/Med13/243D (penalty).