What is the change? Electronic attestation services are now available through the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, replacing physical document attestations.

What does the change mean? Applicants may complete their attestation of documents, such as invitation letters for business visitors, through the Chamber’s “My Business Portal.” However, some documents are still required to obtain physical attestations, such as documents that need to be used outside Saudi Arabia.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate.
  • Visas/permits affected: Work visas, business visas.
  • Who is affected: Applicants seeking attestation services in Riyadh.
  • Business impact: The online process provides a convenience for applicants who now will not need to visit the Chamber in person to finalize their attestations.

Background: Applicants should note that some documents must undergo physical, not electronic, attestation. These documents include Saudization certificates, business agreements, employment contracts, family visas and government forms.

BAL Analysis: Applicants may now use the service through the “My Business Portal” for faster online document attestation.