There are so many ESG-related publications and developments that it is hard to keep abreast of them all. For this reason, every two weeks, our firm has been publishing a tracker of ESG-related publications and developments, with a primary focus on developments that may be of most interest to or impact our clients, be they corporates, asset managers or asset owners.

Key updates covered in this edition include:

  • the European Council’s adoption of five news laws that will enable the European Union to cut greenhouse gas emissions within key sectors;
  • the European Council’s announcement of new proposed rules to enhance consumer rights including by banning companies from making generic environmental claims;
  • Law 5/2023, of 13 April, on measures against depopulation and for territorial equity in the Valencian Community has been published; and
  • The Spanish Council of Ministers has agreed to conduct a public consultation on the Preliminary Draft Law regulating the framework for corporate information on environmental, social and governance issues.