On 13 November 2008, the European Commission announced the second Strategic Energy Review. The broad purpose of the review is to improve energy security, solidarity and efficiency across Europe.

As part of the review, the Commission has proposed a five point EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan. This includes promoting an EU-wide energy infrastructure, improving oil and gas crisis response mechanisms and developing external energy relations. The Commission proposes that a number of infrastructure projects, such as the development of a Baltic energy interconnector and the completion of a Mediterranean energy ring, should be considered as energy security priorities.

Also included is the 2008 Energy Efficiency Package. This focuses on improving the energy efficiency of buildings and energy labelling. A Sustainable Energy Financing Initiative is being prepared with the European Investment Bank to encourage investment in energy efficient technologies and renewables.

Ultimately, the review will lead to the European Union’s energy policy agenda for 2030 and energy vision for 2050.