A young woman, M, has received compensation after suffering a gynaecological injury after being treated at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  

Ms M was represented by specialist medical negligence solicitor Anna Brothers.

Ms M had her first smear test at the age of 28.  The results of the test showed that she had cervical cancer.

She was immediately referred immediately for a loop diathermy procedure, which she underwent in March 2011 under general anaesthetic.  

The procedure appeared to have gone well.  However Ms M was forced to return to the A&E department by ambulance on the day she was discharged as she was suffering from lower abdominal and rectal pain and bleeding. 

She had to undergo a further medical procedure under general anaesthetic to remove a large haematoma, suffering pain, discomfort and psychological distress.

The Trust admitted liability for Ms M’s injuries and paid her a sum of compensation.