Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) was delivered to Governor Kasich on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. The bill has been the subject of much debate, with opponents and supporters of the bill strongly arguing their positions. SB 310 places a two-year freeze on annual increases in renewable and energy efficiency standards, holding them at the 2014 levels while a committee evaluates the costs and benefits of keeping the standards as they are currently in place versus adopting the revised standards. The bill also makes significant changes to the benchmarks after the two-year freeze, ending a requirement that utilities purchase at least half of their renewable energy from within the state. The governor has ten days to act on the bill — to either sign it into law or veto it. If he vetoes the bill, a three-fifths majority of the Ohio House and Senate members must vote to overturn the veto for it to become law. If the governor takes no action on the bill within ten days, it automatically becomes law.

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