Two disciplinary actions involving allegations of disruptive trading were settled by nonmembers of CME Group exchanges. In one action, Andrew Akins agreed to pay a fine of US $10,000 and be suspended from trading on any CME Group exchange for 25 business days as a settlement with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Mr. Akins was charged with entering and cancelling orders without the intent to trade prior to opening on the E-mini S&P Futures on multiple occasions from December 2015 through February 2016. Additionally, Yangyang Zhai agreed to pay a fine of US $10,000, disgorgement of profits, and be suspended from trading on CME Group exchanges for 45 days for engaging in spoofing-type conduct between August 1 and 14, 2015, involving the soybean futures market. Separately, two nonmembers each agreed to pay fines of US $25,000 for alleged one-day position limit violations involving CME products.