Issuing its first annual report to Congress on the state of competition in the satellite services sector, the FCC declared that effective competition exists in the satellite market as evidenced by the examination of six wholesale and two retail markets between the years 2000 and 2006. Based on “a range of standard economic indicators commonly used to assess market concentration, conduct and performance,” the report also takes into account intermodal competition from terrestrial technologies, capacity and pricing aspects that are specific to the satellite sector, and the ability of U.S. companies to access foreign markets. After considering these factors, the agency concluded that “the commercial satellite services sector continues to benefit U.S. consumers, government at all levels and American industry by providing important connectivity and ongoing technological innovation.” Noting, however, that the report does not cover the mergers of Intelsat-PanAmSat and SES-New Skies (both completed in 2006) and the impact of those mergers on the satellite market as a whole, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein voiced concern “that we lack the level of data granularity that would normally be associated with a competition report.”