Despite a vote of the Canadian Medical Association to not allow pharmacists in the Province of Manitoba to prescribe medication, Manitoba Health Minister Theresa Oswald says the province will go ahead with its new pharmaceutical act. The new legislation, passed last fall, will allow pharmacists in the province of Manitoba to prescribe medication in certain limited cases.

Oswald has stated that Pharmacists, doctors and patients are all being consulted as new regulations are being drafted, "The doctors will be in on the discussions, continuing to build on the very good relationships that exist here in Manitoba between docs and pharmacists, and we're going to come to a landing place that's not only good and safe for patients, but good for the professionals involved as well."

Similar legislation is being considered in six other Canadian provinces which will allow pharmacists to prescribe medication in situations such as when a patient with a chronic condition needs a refill or when a patient has developed a reaction to a prescribed drug and requires a substitute.