Reversing a trial court ruling, the Indiana Court of Appeals held on August 28 that a policyholder was entitled to pollution coverage under the “Personal and Advertising Liability” provision of a CGL policy issued by Cincinnati Insurance Company. FLM, LLC v. Cincinnati Ins. Co., No. 49A02-0902-CV-127 (Aug. 28, 2012). Plaintiff FLM leased property to a recycling company for the handling and disposal of foundry waste from a Chrysler plant. After regulatory authorities cited FLM for violations related to the storage of the waste, FLM sought coverage under the CGL policy issued to the recycler. The court concluded that Cincinnati’s personal injury coverage, which extended to claims for “wrongful eviction from, wrongful entry into, or invasion of the right of private occupancy of a room, dwelling or premises” resulting from an “offense,” such as “wrongful entry” or “invasion of the right of private occupancy,” was broad enough to extend to third-party claims involving the dispersal of foundry waste from the FLM property.