On 27 March 2019 the Shenzhen Municipality Justice Bureau issued the Regulations on the Administration of Public Security Video and Image Systems in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft for Comment). The draft regulations – which aim to protect public privacy and strengthen internet information security and information sharing – were open for public comment until 30 April 2019.

According to the draft regulations, video and image recording systems cannot be installed in:

  • hotel rooms;
  • hospital wards;
  • group dormitories;
  • public bathrooms;
  • public toilets;
  • public dressing rooms;
  • public nursing rooms; and
  • other locations which concern public privacy.

Parties can install video and image recording systems in the above locations only for self-protection purposes. In the case of a violation of the regulations:

  • individuals will be fined between Rmb2,000 and Rmb5,000; and
  • entities will be fined between Rmb10,000 and Rmb30,000.

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