On June 22nd, the NFA advised members that on February 24, 2012, the CFTC issued final rules amending CFTC Part 4 Regulations to rescind the exemption from registration available to CPOs offering certain qualifying pools under CFTC Regulation 4.13(a)(4). Although Member CPOs that currently operate a pool(s) pursuant to a 4.13(a)(4) exemption may continue to operate the pool pursuant to that exemption until December 31, 2012, those CPOs must determine whether the 4.13(a)(4) exempt pool qualifies for an exemption from registration under CFTC Regulation 4.13(a)(3) or whether the CPO will become subject to CFTC Part 4 reporting and disclosure requirements for that pool subsequent to December 31, 2012. Similarly, any CTA that advises a 4.13(a)(4) exempt pool pursuant to an exemption under CFTC Regulation 4.14(a)(8)(D) may only continue to advise that pool after December 31st if the CTA continues to be eligible for that exemption because the CPO has filed a 4.13(a)(3) exemption for that pool. Otherwise, the CTA must comply with the applicable Part 4 requirements with respect to that pool. NFA Notice I-12-09.