The National Communications Commissions (hereinafter, the "NCC") promulgated Article 2 of the Regulations Governing Telecommunications Numbers (hereinafter, the "Rules") and added Article 4-1 via the Tong-Chuan-Zi-Yuan-10443003810 Directive of March 5, 2015 to stipulate relevant requirements for the administration of golden numbers.

Subparagraph 5 is added to Article 2 of the Rules to define the so-called "golden number" as a subscriber number which is arranged according a specific rule, carries specific meanings or is easy to remember. Article 4-1 is added to the Rules to stipulate that an operator shall formulate its rules for selecting golden numbers before the day operation commences based on the numbers assigned by the NCC and submit the rules to the NCC for reference. In the event of any amendment to such rules, the amendment shall be submitted to the NCC for reference before going into effect. The number selection rules should at least include the subscriber numbers covered by the numbering rules as listed in the schedule, and the subscriber numbers included in the number selection rules by an operator shall be provided to subscribers by way of auction or paid selection.