A time frame of two years was set for the European Directive to be prepared for the entry into force of the new regulation of trade secrets. We are heading into the final phase of the emergence of a norm that will certainly be much more important than what it might seem at first. There is exactly one year to go and the clock is ticking

Trade secret, a fundamental element in Intellectual Property (IP) which is becoming increasingly important due to the rise of technological companies, as well as the recent importance of certain events, such as the WannaCry virus cyber attacks, represents a new step forward in the legal sector of new technologies and IP, creating more European laws than national laws. A key feature in a sector without territorial boundaries.

This Directive creates an instrument suitable for conserving the secret nature of certain information that, given its commercial value, should not be protected through an IP right, and can therefore achieve appropriate legal solutions to preserve its secret nature and defend itself in the case of infringement.