A July 20 resolution from the National Association of Regulatory Utility argues that regulators should require utilities to provide educational materials and programs for customers as they expand smart grid offerings. The resolution called for power companies to include affordable, multifamily housing complexes in efficiency projects and for the federal government to encourage commercial-scale carbon capture and storage and alternative-fuel vehicle projects. NARUC recommended that state commissioners ensure that any proposed projects would reduce peak energy demand, and recommends that smart grid implementation plans include consumer education programs, particularly if the projects include new tools such as dynamic rate structures that change with real-time energy consumption and other tools to track energy use. NARUC also called on utilities and other energy efficiency program administrators, in a separate resolution, to ensure that energy efficiency funds collected from utility bills be fairly distributed to all customer sectors. Other resolutions call for the federal government to increase funding and support for carbon capture and sequestration programs for power plants and alternative vehicle research, development, and deployment.