On December 23, 2009, the BIS formally suspended the eligibility of two companies participating in the Validated End-User (VEU) program. The VEU program was established in 2007 by BIS and allows for exports to certain approved end-users without a BIS license where a license would ordinarily be required. BIS suspended Aviza Technology China’s VEU participation after the Chinese company sold its assets to the Japanese firm Sumitomo Precision Products Co. Aviza’s warehouse in China was added as a VEU on April 29, 2009. In addition, BIS suspended the eligibility of a General Electric (GE) joint venture with Fanuc Systems PVT Limited in India after that partnership was dissolved. BIS noted that the suspensions were due to material changes at the companies and not because of any prohibited activities or violations of the VEU program. According to BIS, the suspensions will remain “until further notice,” and exports to these facilities in China and India will again be subject to individual licenses. Separately, on January 15, 2010, BIS announced the addition of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, a Chinese company, to the VEU program.