In April, 2015, State Treasurer Josh Mandel announced his intention to expand a program that would put local and state government checkbooks on-line so taxpayers can examine how their communities and schools are spending money. Treasurer Mandel invited all school districts and local governmental entities to voluntarily participate in an effort to promote greater transparency of public records. The system would also promote one of the State Treasurer’s initiatives – to limit the scope of government spending.

In a recent interview, Treasurer Mandel noted, “I believe putting the city, county and school spending information online will change spending behavior at the local level. It will make local elected politicians, as well as city, county and school bureaucrats, think twice before they go to a conference in Hawaii when they could have gone to one in Cincinnati or before they stay at the Ritz Carlton when they could have stayed at a Holiday Inn.”

With the support of Auditor Dave Yost, Mandel hopes to add local governments to the system that he anticipates will be up and running before the end of June. As of the publication of this Issue of Roetzel’s School SmartBoard, no school districts had opted to voluntarily participate in this state initiative.