On 13 May 2014, President Obama signed an E.O. authorising blocking sanctions against persons determined to be contributing to the conflict in the Central African Republic (“CAR”). The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is authorised to designate any person determined to have engaged in, supported or be a leader of any entity that has engaged in: (i) efforts that threaten the peace, security or stability of the CAR; (ii) efforts that threaten the transition agreements or the political transition process in the CAR; (iii) efforts that undermine democratic processes or institutions in the CAR; (iv) the targeting of women, children or any other civilians through acts of violence that would constitute a serious abuse or violation of international humanitarian law; (v) the use or recruitment of child soldiers; (vi) the obstruction of the delivery or distribution of humanitarian aid; (vii) attacks against UN missions or other peacekeeping operations; or (viii) any person that supplies, sells or transfers to the CAR, or receives in the CAR, arms and related materiel, or provides advice, training or assistance, including financial assistance, related to military activities.

In an annex to the E.O., five individuals were designated for sanctions, including the former President of the CAR, François Bozize, the former Minister of Public Security, Noureddine Adam, and three leaders of militias or other armed groups.

Executive Order (PDF)

OFAC Announcement